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What is the meaning of spending the night in the woods in the women s company. Reasons and Benefits of Women s Camping

“What did you want to prove?”, “What s the point?”, “Strong and independent?” ; – and other questions that were often asked to us, prompted to explain to those who do not understand why it was suddenly the girls wanted to go to the women s camp. Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. I love…
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Impressed me the most. Sculptural composition “Children – Victims of Adult Vices” in Moscow

When you live in Moscow for a long time, sometimes you forget about some of its interesting places. This is exactly what happened to me in relation to one sculptural composition, which at one time, as they say, “ blew my brain. I recently visited it again, and now I am sharing what I saw…
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How I unexpectedly got to the Spasskaya Tower festival and what I saw there

Back in late August, I thought that I wanted to visit the Spasskaya Tower for a long time, and on September 4 I was in VIP -tribunes on Red Square and screamed from unexpected cannon shots to the beat of the orchestral music. Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. I am sharing with you my…
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7 things I recommend to try in Dagestan

Dagestan can offer tourists a lot of new things. And to get the most out of your trip, you should consider it from all sides. I have identified 7 things that should be done in Dagestan, in my opinion, in order to feel its atmosphere. Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. I am sharing my…
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Move over, Sochi: Moscow has its own Skypark. Hastened to try it out

Did you know that in Moscow you can fly at speeds up to 60 km/h over the Moskva River? I didn t know until recently. So I ran to try. I share my impressions of which full pants!