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See and freeze. Rock Monastery and Bhutan s Colorful Culture

Religious sites rarely attract my attention, because you need to practice this religion to fully understand the site. Exception: Buddhist temples. Especially if they are cut into the rock. Amazing Buddhist Temple Perched on a Rock Amazing Buddhist Temple Perched on a Rock Photo: Rohit Arora. Source: Unsplash You are reading an article from the…
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Relay of goodness in Dagestan. How an Unknown Person Helped Us Believe in Miracles

The main wealth of Dagestan is its people. This phrase can often be heard or seen when writing about Dagestan. And I completely agree with her. I want to once again confirm this idea with a new story. Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. I am sharing with you my impressions of the trip to…
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How to quickly sort out blueberries. I adapted the known method for myself and was satisfied

The berry season is gradually dwindling, but I still want to share with you a randomly found blueberry picking method. It is lightweight, dynamic and organized from scrap materials.

Why is Dagestan better than abroad? Personal opinion with justification

How often do we hear that Dagestan is a different country. On the one hand, saying so is an unfortunate mistake. On the other hand, while traveling in Dagestan, I realized that it is like traveling in another country, only better! How? I ll tell you now. Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. I am…
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An uneasy farewell to Dagestan three months after the trip

Traveling to Dagestan made me reconsider my relationships with people. How could it be otherwise if people are one of the main riches in the region?! And now I understand that I cannot leave without saying goodbye. Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. And for three months now I have been sharing with you my…
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See and freeze. “A journey incomparable to anything in the past”

For 2.5 years of running the section “See and freeze” wherever I was looking for new amazing places on our planet. But, it seems, the most amazing thing all the time literally hung under my nose. Peerless “data_stunstica render__b i> Photo by James Eades . Source: Unsplash You are reading an article from the section…
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